Double Nature

The power of nature has long been underestimated. Double Nature is a strategy to reverse climate change, as well as restore ecosystems, as well as create a healthy economy with meaningful work for all. 

To really reverse climate change, emissions must stop and 1500 gigaton of CO2 has to be removed and stored away. Nature offers by far the best means to do that. All existing plant life on earth already contains about 1500 gigaton. So to store another 1500 gigaton we need to double nature. 

Thousands of people, organisations, farmers and other entrepreneurs around the world are already working on these natural climate solutions. These range from seaweed, rock weathering, wood construction to regenerative agriculture and agroforestry, and go together with nature conservation and restoration. The solutions are increasingly economically feasible and together form a new nature economy. 

Potential severely neglected 

While the potential is massive and pioneers have started, there is still a huge gap between opportunity and practice. Only about ten percent of the potential is currently being developed. In times of climate emergency this is a huge missed opportunity. 

1500 Club

A coalition of entrepreneurial people and organisations strives to close the gap as soon as possible. Feel free to embrace the goal to double nature and use the video, and if you want to help please join as a member. Any further questions or ideas, please visit or contact us.

Video: Jeppe van Pruisen. Voice: Philippa Collin. Powered by the members of The 1500 Club.